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We help your kids become Rubik’s cube masters; This classic brain-teasing puzzle builds spatial and visual perception and has helped millions of kids around the world develop their problem-solving skills

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Treat your Brain to Mind-blowing Challenge

Rubik's Cube is a brain teaser and toy. They originally called the Magic Cube. This magic cube was invented by Ernő Rubik in 1974. It has an astounding 43 quintillion combinations! This is a perfect starter toy for kids to practice and improve their brains, Creativity and Imagination.

Learn how to solve a Rubik's cube from a Certified Professional.

We have one of the easiest, quickest and most effective methods to solve 9 types of rubik’s cube online /offline. After Practice  you can do the cube in less than min.

Helping you think outside the box.

Benifits of Solving Rubik's Cube

Increase Concentration

Develop Eye Hand Coordination


Problem-solving skills

Active Mind Improves Memory

Improves speed & Accuracy

Why Learn Rubik’s Cube With Us

Learn Rubik's Cube with us because our program offers a unique and effective approach to mastering this iconic Rubik's Cube puzzle.

A Solution to Mobile Addiction

Solving a Rubik's Cube to reduce mobile addiction is to make it an enjoyable and fulfilling alternative.

Parents Trust Us...


Hi, I am Rachit Katragadda. I am very thankful for my teacher I really enjoyed learning how to solve Rubik’s cubes. My favorite cube is 3X3, I felt it is easy and fun to learn. I also liked the Mirror cube. It is very interesting to solve a cube by shapes instead of colors. I am glad to learn Rubik’s cubes from Versatile Educaare System!!!

Rachit Katragadda USA

I’m Mukund Waghmare. My Daughter Prashika Waghmare. She is Little Weak in Studies so we Joined her in VES Rubik’s Cube Class. She Started showing Interest in learning the Cube & Also Sir Encouraged her to learn all the Rubik’s Cubes. Her confidence increased Now She is getting Good Mark’s in studies. you should definitely join your children in the Versatile Rubik’s Cube class.

Mukund Waghmare Mumabi, India

Nurture young minds with us.

Rubik’s Cube Teacher’s Training Program

We are here to help next generation Learners

The best place to learn how to become a Rubik's Cube trainer is if you have to train students from the comfort of your home and start your own business, than this training is for you.

Learn the Secrets of Rubik's Cube

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