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Slums represent one of the main types of housing in Mumbai. Overcrowded homes, Unsafe or unhealthy homes (e.g. lack of windows, dirt floor, leaky walls and roofs), Limited or no access to basic services: water, toilets.

There is often lack of resources and training to properly educate Slum children. As a result, many children in slums do not receive proper education. Major issues with slum population are: lack of long-term vision, poor concentration power, irregularity and lack of sincerity. 

Because of surrounding atmosphere in slum, students do not have habit of completing homework or doing independent reading of textbooks.

                 In order to have a consistent level of proficiency for these Slum students, at age 18 (in 2004) Dr.Ajay Darekar founded Versatile Educaare System with only 2 students and with a game changing vision of Creating Leaders of Tomorrow. In past 18 years, contributed in the lives of nearly 5,000+ students .


Our Achievements

International Presence
ISO Certificate
OMG Record Holder
India Book of Records Holder
Our Vision

To be the Leading Youth Empowering Organization in INDIA.

Our mission
We are committed to channelize the energy of YOUTH in constructive direction.
We are responsible for the commitments, results and quality towards our believers and our partners
We create our own path
We promote and encourage innovation in teaching and learning.
Team Work
We achieve our goals through Team Work.

Dr. Ajay Darekar

| Founder & Director, Versatile Educaare System
| Founder of Versatile Youth Empowerment Program
| Founder President, Parivartan Foundation
| Director, Vishwaviva Concept Evolvers Pvt. Ltd

           Ajay’s purpose is to help Students and Youths, Self-Discover themselves and identify their true potential by using his Creative Communication, Enthusiasm, Listening and Empathetic Skills.

Over the years, he has trained more than 10,000 students’ to self-discover themselves and achieve their Goals.

He is a Graphologist, Mind & Memory Trainer, International DMIT Counselor, International Mid-Brain Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Student’s Development Trainer.

He has received Honorary Doctorate Degree in Education for his 18 years of work and dedication in Education Sector.



Few prestigious awards won by him are:

  • Awarded Prestigious National Award: Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Award for Best Educationalist
  • Best Educationist at MahaUtsav 2022
  • Best Asia Iconic 2022 Award
  • Awarded for Business Guidance by Maratha Business Lobby
  • Best Shikshan Mitra Award from Education Minister Maharshtra State at MESTA Event
  • Vocational Excellence Award from Rotary International

The insights he developed in students were useful while he wrote his Marathi book ‘ParipurnaVyaktiteSampannUdyogjak’ expressing the thought process needed for a Youth to become Successful Businessman.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

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