Indian Youth for Becoming Spiritual Entrepreneur of Future


Provide Training, Environment and
Timely Guidance to Develop the required Mindset and Skill Set to
become Spiritual Entrepreneur

About vyep

It is a platform for Youths between age 10 to 30 years to receive various Trainings and Timely Guidance to Develop their Personality and the required Mindset and Skill Set to become Spiritual Entrepreneur

| We Work on Youth Mind Set 
  • Leadership 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Planning 
  • Time Management 
  • Presentation 
  • Reading 
  • Personal and Business Communication 
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Financial Literacy and Planning 
  • Stress Management 
  • Delegation 
  • People Management 
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 
  • Research 
  • Technology 
  • What is Manan, Sadhana and Spiritual Foundations? 
  • Who is Customer?
  • What is Networking? 
  • Business Tools 
  • Language Mastery English and Basics of Other Countries Language 
  • Project Planning
| We Work on Youth Skill Set 
  • Self – Discipline
  • Self-Control 
  • Positive Beliefs System 
  • Law of Abundance 
  • Power of Subconscious Mind 
  • Focus 
  • Go Getter 
  • Go Giver 
  • LLL 
  • Love, Give and Serve 
  • Attitude of Gratitude 
  • Health is Wealth 
  • Habits 
  • Leadership

VYEP Sessions

Book PPT's

Reading books is the best habit a person can develop. The more earlier it’s developed the more successful the person will become. Hence every month VYEP member read at least one book and present the concepts of that book through Book Presentation.

VYEP Concept Sessions

Knowledge is Power. It gives us the ability to survive and thrive in the world. Hence, monthly we have One Session to Introduce New Concept – Knowledge or Attitude or Skill or Habit.

Yuva Manthan

Youth Manthan is aimed towards building a Youth community having the youth as the driving force behind it and providing them timely knowledge and training on various concepts for personal and professional development.



Let’s listen to the wonderful experiences…


Hello Partners I am Ayush Borgave a proud member of VYEP "I want to share my heartfelt gratitude for my Guru Ajay Sir and the Youth Empowerment Program (VYEP) for transforming my life. Before joining VYEP, I was a quiet person who lacked direction and purpose. But through VYEP, I learned valuable life lessons that helped me grow as an individual and become a proud member.
One of the most important lessons I learned in VYEP is taking responsibility for my actions. I now understand that my actions have consequences and I am responsible for the outcome. This mindset has helped me become more accountable and productive in my life.

I also learned the importance of communication, listening, and being a lifelong learner. VYEP provided me with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who helped me become a better version of myself. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing family, and I am proud to call myself a VYEPian.

Thanks to VYEP, I now have productive habits, clear goals, and a positive outlook on life. I am no longer a victim of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), but rather I am enjoying my life in the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO).

One of the most valuable things I gained from VYEP is learning to appreciate and respect myself. I used to struggle with self-doubt and low self-esteem, but through the VYEP, I discovered my strengths and learned how to use them for good. I also learned to accept my weaknesses and work on improving them, rather than being ashamed of them.

VYEP taught me the importance of having a growth mindset. Instead of seeing challenges as obstacles, I now see them as opportunities for growth and learning. This shift in perspective has helped me overcome many difficult situations and has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

Another important lesson I learned in VYEP is the power of gratitude. I now make it a habit to express gratitude every day for the things I have, the people in my life, and the opportunities I receive. This practice has helped me cultivate a positive attitude and has brought more joy and abundance into my life.

Ayush Borgave

VYEP Member

Maha kokate

VYEP Member

Hello partners. Firstly, I like to introduce myself... I am Maha kokate a proud member of Versatile Youth Empowerment Today I am noting down the changes and achievement I experienced when I got YEP in life. So I am over here in YEP my because of My Guru, Mine Ajay Sir. they. introduce me in YEP. and we form this. committee of Youths. My life after YEP just flip. I was like a different person now. I introspect myself and notice the positive changes in me. now I am a extra. ordinary person following the rituals and routine of YEP. It a hope of light into. my life. I was waiting for a change into my life and god gave me Ajay Sir who boost me up and I am different person.

right now. When I look at mirror I feel proud and feels, I am the only I am the best before YEP my life is so ordinary. I was a social media addicted person and. wasting my time in Video Games. but the entry of YEP was like Miracles it came and took me out of my FOMOS. and I am moving towards JOMO now. I came to know about the habits of Successful people. I got the Power habit of the smart people we are following the powerful concepts of world like law of Attraction, FOMO, JOMO, hhh.RAS. real entertainment definition, Gratitude, etc we all members achieve to manage the victory on FOMO’s and community of Youth with same vibes to build the future of country. I achieve more in YEP. Firstly I gain the confidence and believe in myself and unlock my potential. I boost up my Skills and even got a platform of YEP to take out my skills and talent. I learn to manage my time and use it for development. (some other skills like writing blogs., making images, leading and hosting program, taking responsibility and Skills are only by YEP. So I am so grateful to YEP It’s a need of time. YEP built me and we are here to bring the change and empower the County


Myself Aashlesha Chavan, 15 year old, youth... For me it is pretty tough to explain VYEP because there is just so much to tell, it's incredible. I remember the day when I called Ajay Sir, My greatest Guru and I was pretty nervous as I was going through some situations (Lockdown and all) but that day Can be said as a turning point of my life. Because that day Ajay Sir introduced me my friend in my to VYEP. My life totally changed after that. I finally started to see the bright life rays my negative attitude to life and frustration of future changed to the most optimistic one and I started to feel at ease regarding my future, I no longer dwell upon the dreaful or regretful past and I have stopped blaming other for my life because in VYEP.

Ajay sir has taught us that whatever happened whatever is happening and whatever is going to happening in our life, only one person is responsible and that the person is himself/herself ‘I am responsible is the statement that has brought to our consciousness that all controlling threads of life are in our own hands. It is pretty difficult to say it and act acordingly but we do it, Cause we are VYEPians. We learn, we develop many Skills like communication, presenting and many more and also educate our other partners. I have gained tremendous confidence to go up on a stage and make a performance worth memorable and that adds value to the listeners. I have became confident enough to express my views and opinions and make my own right decision and it It was possible because of our daily practices of meditation, self-appreciation self-introspection, goal writing, book presentations. I learned to speak up at our various online meets, at our open forum, story telling sessions, ideas sessions, concept days. To be honesty I leamed tremendous things and I am still learning and I am going to keep learning forever (LLL Life long learner) I learned so many, many things from our Ajay Sir who keeps on showering his imense knowledge. and wisdom upon us We learned the true definition. of Success from him- ‘success means not what you get success means what you become He taught and brought to us the powerful Concepts of Law of attraction, 80-20 rule, Ideal life, Vision book,vision board, PPP and PNP Visualization, Attachment and detachment, Gratitude FOMO, JOMO, selfless contribution, Discipline and, I can go on with this for hours because what I gained in this joureny is truely valuable and unforgetable VYEP has transformed my life and I’m sure it’s going to transform lives of many youth’s in future I am very grateful and happy what I am a part of VYEP and I am forever going to be a VYEPian for my lifel

Aashlesha Chavan

VYEP Member

Aarti Shimpi

VYEP Member

Hello partners myself Aarti shimpi a proud member of Versatile Youth Empowerment Program. There is lot to tell about versatile youth empowerment program starting from the start .VYEP is a turning point of my life I clearly remember the day when I join YEP the day was 17th August 2021 exactly 11:45 a.m. Ajay sir called me and told about VYEP my first reason to join why he was that I will get to talk with Ajay sir and get guidance from him and my second reason was to transform myself with a positive attitude .When I got to know the the details of VYEP I thought that it would not be my piece of cake but the support of Ajay sir and all my besties and all didi and Dada it is possible . VYEP is a part of my life and it has become a habit .

It has teached me how to spend my every single day with full of positivity and energy .Only credit goes to Ajay sir. VYEP gave me a confidence to face all the challenges and be confident about the future and it has helped me to remove all the question mark from my brain which I was having before about my future .Ajay sir taught us that there is no point in blaming others in your problem ,whatever happens and whatever is going to happen with you is the only responsible person is YOU there we started to stop blaming others and and say ‘I am only responsible.’ Firstly it was really very challenging before to make yourself responsible in every particular situation whatever is happening with us but we do it. As blaming others only waste your energy and your time and we all members try to solve and destroy that problem by teamwork as ‘Teamwork is Dreamwork’. I think so I was the first person to tell the story except Ajay sir there are building my confidence of speaking in front of people and slowly and gradually gave a book ppt. Me and my partner started developing our physical presentation ,communication skill and learning about Finance and many more things. Some people have a fear to take the decision in their own life that people needs other person to take decision for them that very much risky so for that we started writing our’ Ideal life and Ideal day ‘with guidance of Ajay sir .Whenever I see my friends and me there lot of difference between them and me. My friends are completely in Fomo wasting time ,doing party and put their energy in unnecessary things but I feel very satisfied that I am not among this type of people. I and my partners utilising there time in very productive way and using their energy to learn new thing which are helpful in our future and being a learner forever. Except this Ajay sir introduced us with a very powerful book called ‘The Secret’ it taught us about law of attraction and other rule as 8020 rule 5 ×55 technique ,369 technique and ikigai ,etc…I am really very proud of my unstoppable partner and myself and thankful to Ajay Sir.


My Self Raj Bandu koli, I am 20 years old & youth of this nation.I am proud to be an VYEPIAN. VYEP means (VERSATILE YOUTH EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM). Explaining about VYEP is that we encourage youth for a better future & also empower them to the right direction in their field. This one statement is enough to tell about VYEP. VYEP was started by our GURU AJAYYJI DAREKR SIR on 25 july 2021. At first he just gave us the idea of VYEP. Then we started with 30 people & Today we reached up to 100+ students.

We have experienced many things from each other, We are taking daily boosters every day ‘except Sunday’, On a daily booster We Experience many things and share our thoughts with each other. Through this I have progressed a lot. I have built my confidence to speak in front of people in my college. I have given many presentations confidently & professionally. My stage daring has grown up. I was a shy boy at school & because of my body, many people were teasing me & body shame me .But today i don’t care about anyone and I can do whatever i want in front of everyone It’s my life. This confidence & understanding had come through the VYEP, not only Speaking but also listening & asking questions if I had any doubts of my college lecture or seminar held in college. Because of this i have upgraded. my life skill is to live in this difficult world. But Now I am ready to fight with any problem which will come in front of me. I will find a solution & learn that I don’t repeat the same mistake that I had done in the past. In VYEP there is no age limit to joint. Each and everyone is Youth with their mind set. We are changing people’s minds to Youth’s mind set.

Raj Koli

VYEP Member


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