School Health Check Up

Duration : 2 days
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School Health Check Up helps institutions get an excellent opportunity to :

  • Multiply its productivity & efficiency
  • Figure out the shortcomings & academic strengths
  • Enhance teaching-learning processes
  • Continuously improve the plan of action

Three major highlights of the School Health Check Up:

  • Periodic assessments of the teaching-learning methods
  • Promote the educational environment with research & proven educational techniques
  • Undertaking research & training programs for student success

School Health Check Up Criteria

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#1: Curricular Aspects

Curriculum & syllabus is one of the basic pillars of quality education. It’s crucial to have a relevant, detailed, well-organized syllabus to boost the student learning outcomes & skills.

#2: Teaching, Learning, And Evaluation

This criterion takes the first criteria of curriculum designing one step ahead. It involves teachers implementing teaching-learning activities & keeping a tab on the results to enhance student progress.

#3: Research, Innovation, And Extensions

This criterion suggests that institutions must focus on directing students towards research & innovation and also addressing real-life problems & solutions to enable students to grow personally.

#4: Infrastructure And Learning Resources

This criterion focuses on having good classrooms, labs, edTech tools, and various other infrastructure & resources to ensure a good educational environment.

#5: Student Support And Progression

This criterion recommends institutions to pay attention to students’ requirements and guide them at every step of their academic life.

#6: Governance, Leadership, And Management

Faculty empowerment is vital when it comes to the quality of education. This criterion suggests authorities of the institution to plan strategies for institutional growth by mentoring faculties.

#7: Institutional Values & Best Practices

This criterion focuses on ensuring the best practices by following the institutional values. It suggests that institutions must develop values & then follow them with utmost honesty.

Brain and Skill Development Programs for School

Concept :

Include below programs in Students Daily Academic Time Table:
• Program 1: Identify Child’s Learning Style, Child’s Acquiring method
(DMIT Techniques)
• Program 2: Make child learn Brain Development skills like Abacus,
Rubik’s Cube, Vedic Maths, Smart Handwriting, Speed Reading, etc.
(std. wise)


• Review System
• For each Skill, 2 Teachers Training worth Rs. 15,000 is given
• Help Desk available to solve all your queries
• Personal Relationship Manager allotted to school for better and
quick service

Implementing Method:

• School Time Table is Designed to include all Activities
• Students are provided kits of various skills
• Every month, through personal school visit, assessment is done
about Student and Teacher’s progress.
- Students Training Option 1
• In-house School Teachers are trained who will teach School
- Students Training Option 2
• Trained Teachers are provided to school to teach the Skills to
Students ( basic costing may increase )*

Output :

• Generally, if these skills are included as an extra activities post
School Hours, only 30% to 40% students will show positive result.
• But if these activities are included in School Time Table and made
compulsory for all, 90% to 95% children show positive result.

School Health Check Up

( Call on 9130392306)

School Consultancy

  • Administration Management: Daily Reporting System, Hierarchy wise Reporting Structure, Design Policies, SOPs, Code of Conduct, Working Culture
  • Academic Innovation: with this system, focus is on child’s holistic development (Personal, Academics, Sports, Creativity, etc.)
  • Extra-Curricular Activities& Brain-Skill Programs
  • Student Management
  • People Management: Staff Training, Staff Reporting Structure, Team Development, Staff Appreciation System
  • Parenting
  • Finance Management
  • Transport Management
  • Trainings: Teachers are being trained on understanding students Learning Styles, Classroom Management, using various Teaching Aids, Creative Classroom Teaching Planning, how to plan your Syllabus Completion, etc.
  • Infrastructure Modification: Complete guidance is provided on how to build a creative and Educational Infrastructure through the concept of BALA.


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